Denver, CO in June 2012

Better late than never…I’m finally blogging about my travels in the US! Before my big move to Thailand, I went to several US cities to visit friends and family. My first stop in June was to Denver, Colorado to visit my younger brother Kenneth and my cousin Sharon & her family.

Saturday, June 2

Back in March, I drove to Denver with my boyfriend Brent. This time though, I flew to the “Mile High City”. Because I didn’t have enough time to acclimate to the altitude, I think I had a case of altitude sickness on Saturday.

Cloud Sculptures at the Denver Airport

See the whole set of photos on my Flickr page.

Symptoms include sleepiness, thirstiness, and hunger…all of which I was guilty of. When I landed at the airport on Saturday, the first thing I wanted to do was eat. Kenneth was gracious enough to shuttle me to the nearest McDonald’s to shut me up. After that, I napped for more than 3 hours! Later that evening we checked out the Chalk Art Festival in downtown Denver.

Artist working on a mural at the Denver Chalk Art Festival

Sunday, June 3

Sand mandala at the Denver Art Museum

The above picture is the only photograph I took at the Denver Art Museum. The DAM actually has a fabulous collection, but I had nothing left in me. I was fried from being out at a street festival all morning with my brother Kenneth. Later that evening, we went to my cousin Sharon’s house. It was her son Nathan’s birthday. You would never guess from this photo, but this kid is actually very shy.

Nathan looks stoked about his cake blowout.

Monday, June 4

I have no idea why, but I did not take any pictures this day. It was a really fun day too! Kenneth and I went to the history museum, History Colorado. This place made history really fun and interesting with all of its interactive exhibits. And trust me on this one, because history was my least liked subject in high school. We were so fascinated by the museum, that we missed an evening yoga class at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Instead, we caught a movie screening of the cult classic Office Space at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Tuesday, June 5

This was my last full day in Denver. Kenneth and I started the day at the crack of dawn with a Tai Chi class at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Their summer programs are related to the beautiful bamboo sculptures at the garden.

Ken is zen at the Denver Botanic Gardens

I wore my “froggy shoes” everywhere in Denver!

In the evening, Kenneth and I joined Sharon and her family at their huge old house.  It literally is over a hundred years old, but it is really beautiful and has character. We had a lovely dinner and took a few last photos.

Cheerio steals the show.

Wednesday, June 6

Sharon took me to the airport and I bid adieu to Denver!

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