Hello world! This is the start of something good…

The name for this blog, “La Petite Adventurista”, describes me and my travels.

According to meaning #2 in Urban Dictionary, an adventurista is: A hip, cool, organic globalized version of adventurer, signifying a level of immersion in and commitment to, the adventurers and travelers lifestyle. I love the example sentence that is given, because it is very fitting: She can drive across the country with the gas tank nearly always empty and only two oranges. She is an adventurista in the extreme!’

I drove over 4200 miles one summer, alone and with hand drawn maps.

In 2010, I drove by myself up the West Coast of the United States and back to Austin. That was over 4,800 miles without a GPS or a copilot! It was fun, and at times scary, but well worth the drive. That year,  I got to see family and friends in, El Paso, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. I also got to experience the quiet desert beauty in Marfa and the state of Utah.

In 2011, I scaled it down to flying to Denver and Portland. It was great to catch up with family and friends nevertheless.

This year, my tour was a preamble to moving to Thailand. These next few blog entries will be a backlog of photos & commentary of those North American cities: Pittsburg, Washington DC, New York, and Montreal.

And hopefully, soon I’ll be caught up and start blogging about what I’m doing here in Thailand. 

I realized that I would never catch up, and just started blogging about where I am now. Read on to find out where in the world that is.

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