Where do you live?

I live in the city of Songkhla, which is in the province of Songkhla. It is on the eastern coast of Thailand, with about 163,072 people. You can read more about the city and the province on Wikipedia.

Why did you move to Thailand?

I grew up and lived in Texas my whole life, up until the point I moved to Thailand. I’m not yet 30 (as of when this post was published), and I wanted to be able to say that I lived in at least one other place. Originally, I was  thinking of teaching in South Korea or Spain. Then I met my boyfriend Brent, who lived and taught in both of those countries. I still wanted to teach abroad, and I wanted him to go with me. We mutually agreed on Thailand, and here we are now.

What do you do in Thailand?

Brent and I work as English teachers at a vocational college. During my free time, I like to do all sorts of things: practice my ukulele, do yoga, go running, and exploring where I live. Since this country is so different than living in Texas, there is always something new right around the corner.

How is it different from living in the US?

That’s what this blog is all about!

Some things I miss are: family and friends (of course), libraries, having personal transportation (like a bicycle or a car), and hot water in my apartment. There are still a lot of things I like about Thailand, so read on.

If there’s something I didn’t  cover, send me your questions about Thailand! There are many ways to contact me, including the comment box below. I’ll try to answer (to the best of my ability) anything you wanted to know about the country, the culture, or even me.

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