Just another typical Monday

There are no holidays during November, so I’m falling into a regular routine and a rut of blogging. So I thought I’d write about what a “typical” day is like. I’m sure when I look back on this a year from now I’ll think “that was some crazy shit.” Actually, things are not that crazy…but they’re certainly different.

A typical Monday

Students, that are in European Cooking class, are making dishes with sauces.

I co-teach European cooking with Ajarn Pai Lin. The class starts when the class president says, “Please stand up.” In robotic unison the other students say, “Good morning teacher.” Brent stopped his classes from doing this, but I quite like this ritual.

I also like my co-teacher Ajarn Pai Lin. The word ajarn is the Thai word for teacher, and precedes a first name instead of last. So the English equivalent that my students call me is Teacher Kimberly and not Ms. Berba.

I also quite like European cooking class, because I get to take home samples of the students’ creations. So far they have made soups and dishes with sauces. The soups (from best to worst) were chicken soup, French onion soup, carrot soup, and cream of shrimp soup. The dishes with sauces (again from best to worst) were Portk with BBQ sauce, shrimp with tartar sauces, fish with peppercorn sauce, and fish with pesto sauce. Today the students are made four more dishes with sauces.

Students show off their sketch and finished dish in European Cooking class.

Those last sentences from that previous paragraph sounded like something an ELL (English language learner) would say. It’s probably because, at the time I wrote this, I’m still in-ESL–teacher-mode. (ESL = English as a second language). When I’m in this mode, I ofTen have to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly and provide sentence stems for them.

Providing sentence stems was something my former school district in the US was pushing for ELL students. Even after several hours of training for ELL support, I thought that these sentence stems were just “one more thing (*exasperated sigh*)” to do when I was a teacher in the U.S. It’s only until now that I’ve finally realized the importance of providing these sentence stems because it really scaffolds the students for memorizing new vocabulary and learning useful sentences.

It made me happy when the students were discussing the correct vocabulary as I was writing this:

  • Today we are making _______ with _______ sauce.
  • The sauce tastes _______.
  • The ingredients for the sauce are ______________ and _______.
  • The ingredients for _______ are ______________ and _______.
  • The ingredients for decoration are ______________ and _______.

So as part of your homework, please fill in the blanks in the above sentence stems using the pictures below. (All dishes were made by students.)

Today we are making fish with white wine sauce.

Today we are making chicken with bernaise sauce

Today we are making chicken with balsamic sauce

Today we are making chicken with Bigarade sauce.

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