ghostie dollah billz

There is school today, which is a Sunday, because it was Tham Bun Duean Sip last Monday. This holiday is only celebrated in Southern Thailand, and is very similar to the Hungry Ghost Festival in Malaysia. These Buddhist holidays are to honor the deceased spirits with food and incense, since all the spirits are back on Earth from both heaven and hell. There are also offerings made to spirits who were bad people, so that they can earn enough merit to go back to heaven and be reborn. This seems unfair to the good spirits, but I guess no one wants evil spirits hanging around Earth.

One way to make merit for these bad spirits is to burn gigantic incense sticks. I didn’t get any photos of Tham Bun Duean Sip here in Songkhla, but I did take a few photos when Brent and I were in Malaysia last month. Here is a temple in Penang:

Giant pink incense burning at a Chinese Buddhist temple

 Another way to make merit is to burn ghost money, or as I like to call them Ghostie Dollah Billz.

Ghostie Dolla’ Billz in Malaysia

Burnin’ Ghost Dollars. What’s that on the left side!? Jk, it’s just Brent.

The only difference, that I can discern, between the Thai and Malaysian holidays is the time of year. If any one out there can give me more insight to the differences, then please comment!

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