rainy season starts now

Rainy season is here in Thailand. It will rain intermittently throughout the day, for hours on end. As a child of the desert who grew up in El Paso, this is very unfamiliar and a bit uncomfortable for me. I don’t like getting my feet or the bottoms of my pants wet. Luckily, there are few classrooms with AC so I’m not cold and miserable like I would be in the US.

My mild rain phobia is strange, because I have tropical blood running through my veins since both of my parents are from the Philippines. It also seems so strange that so much water falls from the sky, but we still have issues with running water in our apartment. It’s similar to the hypothetical scenario the being thirsty on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.

What I do like, is the way the air smells and feels after it rains. I think that’s another desert child trait. Hopefully, I’ll have a true appreciation for sunny days again after I get through the rainy season.

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