Friday at the Night Market

Fridays are always a day to look forward to, since I work a Monday to Friday job. But not this week. Since there were holidays last Thursday and Monday, Brent and I have to make up our classes this weekend. So this Friday just doesn’t feel the same.

One Friday highlight I still got to enjoy was the Weekend Night Market. Food stalls can be found almost everywhere, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a place to sit and eat because a lot of people just do “take away” dinner. That’s the Thaiglish (Thai & English) phrase for “to go order”, which doesn’t seem so different but it can really confuse a Thai-only speaking person. So the Night Market is nice because there are places to sit and people watch.

You should mention that you like to sit at tables that belong to different food stalls, and hope they don’t tell you anything since you’re a foreigner. Until today…!”

said Brent.

Yes, it’s partially true. But, it’s very crowded at the market and the boundaries between one stall to the next are difficult to discern.

Since it’s at night, everyone comes out. So in addition to food, there are all sorts of things that are targeted to the ages 0 to 99+ crowd. One of such things are balloons. Who doesn’t love balloons!? These two kids dressed in yellow were jumping for joy around the Balloon Man. I managed to snap this picture just before they lost interest and / or were whisked away by their parents.

Balloon Man at the Night Market

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