This too shall pass…

It wasn’t a good day at work, all because of one smart ass student. I wonder what happened to this student to make her act this way, because her behavior had an affect on my entire day.

I wonder where the root of all human negativity has come from…Maybe it was first caused by a natural disaster, like a flood or earthquake, but then it manifested itself in some people and began to be transmitted from person to person.

Luckily I’m wise enough to realize that if I don’t let this go, that I’ll pass this negativity to someone else. Usually my coping mechanism is food, but I want to change that. So instead of scarfing down some chocolate, I busted out with my ukulele.

When I play my ukulele and look down, this is what I see.

I have about 10 songs that I’m trying to learn, but I started with “This Too Shall Pass” since it was very appropriate for the events that happened earlier today. I’m not to the point yet where I should be sharing my singing & ukulele playing skills with the world, so here is the original version by OK Go.

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