Day 1 of three hundred sixty five photos…

I often daydream and wonder what my life will be like a year from now. I’m in a totally different place today than I was a year ago. Since I’m living in Thailand, I thought it would be good for me to start documenting every day with at least one photo & a mini story.

So here goes…

Today, I went to the bank to open an account in Thailand. I knew that it would take some time, since I’m a US citizen. It was a tedious process, for both the bank accountant and I, to translate the paperwork from Thai to English and back. She was sitting there with me for over an hour! Everyone at the bank was really nice though, but I got a completely different vibe from the other customers in the waiting area.

For my patience and hunger, I decided to get this at the coffee shop that was across the street:

Consolation Prize Cupcake

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