..to Penang, Malaysia

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Brent & I just got back from a visa run* to Penang.

* Before I knew what it was, the term “visa run” sounded shady and questionable. In fact a “visa run” is the exact opposite and refers to the process of going to a Thai embassy in another country in order to get a Thailand Non-Immigrant B Work Visa. If that explanation sounded like the first line to a captivating legal novel, then go research it. Otherwise, I’m going to continue onto what Penang is known for…

The food, culture, and history in Penang were incredible. And so were the prices (as in incredibly high), compared to Thailand. Still, it was a good to get out of Songkhla for a bit and get another page stamped in my passport for another country. This was one of the first things I saw at the border…

Cyclists at the Malaysian border.

From the border, we headed to Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. Where exactly is that? Well, take a look-see on this map:

Georgetown was really beautiful, and had quite a few spots that were deemed noteworthy by UNESCO. Scattered everywhere were these signs that gave a mini history lesson of that street.

Love Lane UNESCO sign

Directly across from this sign were these really cute phone booths. These two were no longer in working order, but some people surprisingly still use pay phones here in Penang (and in Thailand).

phone booths on Love Lane

As for the food, it was excellent and could be found everywhere. One of the stops Brent and I went to was the Red Garden, which  was in an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reseveration.

Brent at Red Garden

See all the photos from Penang on Flickr

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